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Novangelis Mark L. Bastoni


Mark L. Bastoni

Published May 28th 2008
ISBN : 9780615193113
268 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

(VIDEO PREVIEW AT: youtube.com/user/Novangelis) Linus stared, pondering the ultimate object of desire - power. The power to raise legions, to change history. To grant life or cause death. He had discovered a new volume of history where women were of primary importance, and a secret struggle being prosecuted across the ages that involved spectacular missing treasures, bizarre rituals, and dark secrets kept by furtive societies. It was an intrigue harkening back to an age that spawned a new type of crime, the Sacre Furta or Sacred Theft. Now, a thousand years later, technology was spawning another deadly age of Sacred Thefts, one that, as Linus saw it, had already begun. The wind gusted and a white chop moiled the Atlantic. He held his breath and listened. The deck was creaking. Someone was lurking outside his door.