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Through My Eyes: A Story from an Only Child. D.A. Rice

Through My Eyes: A Story from an Only Child.

D.A. Rice

Published December 29th 2006
ISBN : 9781425983864
184 pages
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 About the Book 

A bus ride that unfolds into an intriguing story of reflections from the trials and tribulations of one young mans hurtful past which is filled with lies and alibis. As he gazes out the bus window he is captured into various times of his life that pull pain, regret, and sorrow from the depths of his locked away soul to mere scenes behind the window of the bus as it travels along. He reminisces of his child hood and realizes that being an only child tend to see more than what he really wanted to. He sees that he had become the confidant of his mother as well as a witness to many reasons of her mental composition. Life shows him the ugliness of what really happens in the mind of a southern Baptist Minister who was filled with five out of the seven deadly sins . The mistresss willing to except damnation of the soul for the securities of the heart and flesh. The lies of marriage that destroys and drives one brother to suicide and the other to incarceration. This young man finds out that child support doesnt define a man but, draws him closer to the man he wants to emulate knowing that what was taught to him by his mother was untrue. Through this bus ride he sees that he has come a long way and may have grown up too fast in which he didnt enjoy his youth. This only child has acquainted himself with the drug of Running Away. He runs from lies and alibis which are cursed by his family in which he wants to break. He sees through all the misfortunes in his past and the destruction of his family, he has found a way to run away.